Monday, October 18, 2010


As much as I love running, my body is really starting to hurt. Surprisingly, it is my upper body that is killing me...mostly my right shoulder/neck area. This always inflames about 2 days after a long run. It's not fun and it continues to remain a dull soreness/inflammation issue throughout the weeks. It was suggested for me to start physical therapy but I'm unable to afford weekly co-pays. Ice has been helping, but I'm really starting to get annoyed with this constant pain.

As far as dieting, I'm doing better now. I have a 23 mile run coming up on Saturday and I don't mess with long runs. My body needs to be fully nutritioned and conditioned before attempting those. I also have half-marathon #2 coming up in three weeks. I'm VERY excited about THAT! It will be great to know I have more than one of those under my belt.

I've decided to take on a Spring Half-Marathon Challenge of doing one half a month. These are the races I plan to do:

January-The Texas Half Marathon
February-Cowtown Half Marathon
March-Rock and Roll Dallas Half Marathon
April-America's Run Half Marathon
May-Heels and Hills Half Marathon

I'm so super-pumped!!! And it will be fun to train on my own again. I love my team and it's fabulous for full marathon training, but some of my best runs that I can remember are the solo ones.

Ok, I'm off to ice and heat...lates!

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