Monday, December 27, 2010


So Christmas was awesome. My grandma fed us tons of bad food and it was really yummy. I ate more than the typical normal day but I also didn't blow it but now I'm feeling unmotivated. I had mac n cheese today. MAC N CHEESE! That's a terrible choice!!! So yeah, tomorrow it's time to re-focus and get my butt in gear.

Today I ran 4 miles with Jeana and she did really well. I also have been thinking and I think after this spring is over, it's time for a new challenge. Can we say Olympic Triathlon? YES!

I'll post tomorrow when I actually have something interesting to say besides, "I'm a bum that eats mac n cheese". Until then...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Weigh-In: Week 1

I weighed in this morning for my first week back on the nutrition that I should be on while running and .....I lost 4.3 lbs! GO. ME! I was pretty happy about that but I gotta be honest, the last few days have been rough. Yesterday and the day before, I had some motivational issues. I wasn't going to cave, but Monday I really wanted pizza and was very grumpy that I coudln't have it. I ended up eating more calories than I should have and then I just felt like crap about everything. Because I felt like crap, I didn't go to the gym. Yep, it's a vicious cycle isn't it? Kind of the same thing happened yesterday ....I was hungry all day but didn't go over my calories, but I didn't work out either. I only ran 3 times this first week and that is super-lame. I'm kind of dissapointed in myself but hey, I had a good loss so I must have done something right.

Today was much better. I wasn't hungry at all, in fact I'm under my calories...and I had a great 3 mile run at the gym. My pace is getting faster and I'm starting to feel much more comfortable at faster speeds. This is a great way to start the spring training season.

I talked my friend Jeana into doing a 15K with me. This will be her first long distance race so I'm totally pumped about getting started with her. Too bad she isn't, in fact I think she's dreading it. I made a customized training plan specifically for her in her favorite colors so hopefully that will help pep her up! We're starting our first long run on Dec. 27th!

I'm really enjoying my time off of work. I actually got EVERYTHING I possibly needed to get done today and am now able to just relax and enjoy the holidays. I'm a little worried about nutrition this week because of the visit to my grandma's house. I've planned to eat a little of what I want, but not go nuts under any circumstance. Unfortunately, my awesome Memama does not believe in low-fat food, so we might need to make a pit stop on the way for some healthier choices so I'll at least have something to go along with those "little bit" of goodies. I'm so excited to see my family rocks!

Here's my nutrition for today:

Fiber One Poptart (YUM)

Healthy Choice Meatloaf Meal
Baked Apples

Mini Breakfast Burrito

Which Wich-Turkey and ham on wheat w/veggies

Baked Cheetos

Losin' weight and feelin' great! Can't wait for those races!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tempo Run!

"If you feel bad at 10 miles, you're in trouble. If you feel bad at 20 miles, you're normal. If you don't feel bad at 26 miles, you're abnormal." ~Rob De Castella

Today was good...awesome nutrition but I felt a little hungry. Oh well, some days are just like that. I didn't cave and stayed consistent so I feel good about it. I feel even better about my awesome run tonight! 2 miles @ 10:59min pace! THAT'S RIGHT, 10:59!! I was so flippin' happy with that! Why can't I do that outside?! I'm tempted to do that exact run tomorrow and see if it's any easier. It WAS a tempo run so I was pushing myself, but every time I'm outside I feel like I just can't get there. Sigh...oh well, I'm sure I'll figure it out soon enough...

I'm so excited about having the next 2 weeks off. I'm really feeling the Christmas spirit this year. Last year I was so busy I think I felt it maybe once? This year, it's every day and I'm so happy about it. Every time I hear Frank Sinatra's CHRISTMAS WALTZ, the world is at peace. It's wonderful.

Here's my nutrition for today:

Fiber one muffin

Cup of ckn and veggie soup
Wheat thins (mmmm)

100 cal popcorn
100 cheezits

Cheese and bacon sandwich (yes I'm weird)
Baked doritos

Lowfat chocolate ice cream

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 4

Still holdin' strong! In fact, I'm feeling pretty motivated today. I got a 6 mile hill course in today and my pace was 14:19 which wasn't bad considering it was a hard course and I haven't had a long run since early December. I'm honestly pretty happy to be starting a new running season at that pace! So much better than when I started at 17:00 minute miles! Anyway...I went to the store and bought tons of healthy food and I feel GREAT about what is in my apartment. I do not have one thing that's full of sugar or that is bad for you. I'm so glad I'll be at home for two weeks and able to prepare food the easy way, not at work!

I'm considering doing another full marathon in April to prove to myself that I can do better, but I haven't officially decided if I want to put those kind of hours in just yet. I'm going to give myself a month to think on it before I make a decision to register.

Here's my nutrition for today:

Fiber One Cereal

2 ckn fajitas
charro beans

extra charro beans (I liked them)

Subway turkey and ham on wheat
1/2 bag of baked lays

Lowfat sugar free chocolate ice cream

I feel so great! I got my perfect calories in for today and I have to be honest: I'm shocked at how much a difference a week can make. Last Saturday, I was eating tons of crap and was feeling really sad, sluggish and unattractive! Today, a week later...I feel hopeful, happy, strong, and that I still got it! It's so not worth throwing your life away because you want to be able to have those cookies. I'm so glad I caught myself early...and that I'm willing to undo the weight gain. I really feel good about where I am, mentally.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 2 and 3

So yes, it's getting harder because yesterday temptation creeped in, and today it slapped me in the face!

I was feeling really good yesterday, but when my friends got McDonalds for lunch and I had my stupid Weight Watcher dinner, those fries SURE looked good! But I resisted, and then I felt better once I was done. I knew it would only take a couple days for the bad food to be calling my name again. Yesterday I followed my calories to the tee and had a successful day overall minus a workout because I didn't get home till almost 9:00.

Today...terrible temptation day. See, it was party day at school as well as the last day before Christmas break so everyone and their mom was giving out goodies to all the teachers. Don't get me wrong, it's incredibly sweet and thoughtful but my diet does not allow for those sweets. I did really well all day and then at the end of the day, I allowed myself one piece of fudge. I ate 70 calories less for dinner and ended up with a day of perfect calories. I was pretty happy with myself. I did not run today nor did I plan to because I had plans tonight. The running will resume tomorrow and I'm very happy to report that I will have 2 weeks OFF to remain consistent. Holla!



60 calorie string cheese
60 calorie pudding

Weight Watchers Ziti (my it)

100 cal popcorn

1/2 sandwich
Cup of tortila soup

Lean Pocket


Mini Breakfast Burrito-140 calories


Cup of chicken and veggie soup
Soft ckn taco

100 cal popcorn
1 piece of fudge

1/2 portion of roast beef
Green Beans

low-fat ice cream 160 cal

Doing well so far. I'd be lying if I said it's getting easier. It's definitely getting harder but I know it'll pass once I get into a groove! I'm so excited about having 2 weeks off to get my life and health together. Feels good!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 1 of Being Back On The Nutrition Train

Today kind of sucked. I'll be honest. I was grumpy all day because I got very little sleep, had parent issues, and the kids were absolutely crazy. That's the one down side to being a teacher. Trying to teach children during the week before a 2 week holiday is extremely difficult and frustrating!! 2 more days, 2 more days...

I did great on my nutrition today, in fact...I have 210 calories left for the day. I'm still in that "tired of bad food" stage but I know it won't last for long. That's when I'll have to implement some will power.

Went to the gym tonight and did:

100 crunches
Arm weights
Leg weights
2 miles @ 27:50

Pace was very slow today because I was in some pain. It was my first run since my marathon and I had terrible stiffness in the legs and some back pain. I really need to up the stretching.

Nutrition for today:


lowfat string cheese


100 calorie popcorn

PB sandwich
whole grain goldfish (love those)

Haven't decided yet!

So yeah, I'm out of it today because it's been such a crappy day and I'm still trying to wake up from my 2 hour nap after school. I still should have no problem sleeping tonight. I'm hoping I feel better about things tomorrow. At this point I just want this day to be over.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So I've been doing a lot of thinking over the last couple weeks and I've come to the conclusion that I feel like absolute crap. I have been eating WAAAYYY too much bad food and I'm getting puffy! This taking time off from running sucks. I feel like a lazy bum. The shapely form I used to have, now it looks like marshmallows. It's not pretty! I'm tired of feeling down about it so it's officially time to change it. Now I know what you're thinking...Why now, Lindsey? Well, because I want to give myself a head start before January. Starting in January, I am going to kill it and lose the rest of my weight (Yes, I'm confident) and what a great time for it to happen sooner than planned! I'm just tired of feeling so down and lethargic about weigh gain. It gets old pretty quick. SO...starting tomorrow, it's time to recommit myself to nutrition. I haven't been fully committed since last April so I think it's time to start feeling good again. Honestly, I don't think it will be hard at first...right now the thought of cookies and cake makes me want to puke but I know the cravings for bad stuff will creep in in a few days. Just gotta be strong, I can do this. So yeah, leave it to me to try at the hardest time of year but I don't care. I'm tired of feeling like this. I noticed I've been avoiding mirrors. That is SO not me! I am the sassy girl that flaunts it in heels...THAT'S who I always should be. SO-it's time to get her back. Shouldn't take long...time to utilize my support system and get to work!!

To Hotness!


Friday, December 10, 2010

My First FULL Marathon Experience

The day finally came...and it was a whirlwind, let me tell you! It started when I woke up at 2am and perked up to think, "I'm ready!"...but then I had to make myself try to fall asleep for 3 more hours to get up at 5. Didn't fall asleep until about 4:15 then the alarm finally went off at 5:00. The morning started smooth, got my toes vaselined (helps prevent calluses and blisters), put the body glide all over the body, clipped the toenails, and all the other race preparation as needed. I left with a very smooth start until I got to Fair Park. They suggested we get there at 6:30 to avoid traffic. I was there at 6:15 and sat in traffic without moving for about 45 minutes. It was a little bit stressful but I finally found a parking spot and made my way toward the Cotton Bowl. I was supposed to meet my team at Gate L but I had to go to the bathroom so I thought I'd stop at the port-o-potty before I met them. That was when the first diaster started. I had my phone with me and set it down when I went in. When I came out, I walked 3 steps and noticed that I had left it in there. I waited for the dude to come out and went to go get it after he left. It wasn't in there. I freaked out thinking I went to the wrong one, but I knew that was it! I looked around, couldn't find anyone with my phone and I freaked. All my communication with my mom that day was going to be on that phone, not to mention the fact that it was the iPhone4 that I'd only had a week. So I start crying, and this person lets me use her phone to call it. Some dude answers and says he has my phone. Phew, thank god! So I go and meet this dude to retreive it...really nice guy, but here's the wasn't the dude that came out of the port-o-potty! So yeah, not sure I'll ever figure that one out but I'm sure glad he was a good person. He even called my mom to tell her he had my phone and was going to turn it in to lost and found. Yay for good peeps!

So I finally had my phone and it was time to meet my peeps. Everyone was great and we got to our places before the start. We were kind of toward the back and there were tons of groups in front of us that we knew would start ahead of us. We were all in good moods and excited to start this amazing race that we've worked so hard to complete. I'm a first timer so it's safe to say I was the most excited, and because I'm extra bubbly, apparently it was funny. Oh well :0) So when the race started, we listened to them release the first group and it was really exciting. They released each group by alphabet letter, A-P. This took FOREVER and kind of made us grumpy. We knew that the course was only open for 6 and a half hours from gun time and they kept wasting more and more time. They FINALLY released us at about 8:48am or so and the race started at 8:00am. Once I saw this, I knew we didn't have a prayer to finish in the time limit. Not the best feeling to start off a long race with.

So we started and if I'm honest, it was super annoying dealing with all the people. You couldn't even set your own pace until about mile 2. I also got really warm at about mile 2 and chunked all the extra clothing. Readjusting the bib also took time. I always think I won't get hot in that cold of weather but I always do. So I readjusted and I was a little bit slower than normal, and I still don't know why. We went through downtown and then uptown and it was really good scenery and then we passed some really peppy bands and that kept our spirits up. At about mile 9, we knew we were approaching the split where halfers go one way and marathoners go another. I was running with my pace group leader, Jamie, and when it was time to split, we went one way and everyone else went the half marathon way. I was like, "Oh crap, what have I gotten myself into." We went on a long time with just us and then I was happy to see more people behind us as we kept going. This part was when it started evening out. It got much more quiet as we approached White Rock Lake. It was actually kind of funny, we've run that lake a lot and usually there are tons of people on it. Not that day, it was almost empty and it was so peacful, very different than I was expecting. We continued to keep going. Met some great people and checked out some new port-o-potties...again, wasting time. But I am NOT going to be one of those crazy serious runners that just goes in their pants because they don't want to lose time. GROSS! Anyway, I held up pretty well, again dissapointed with my pace...slower than normal. I started to notice some pain and fatigue around mile 18. I got even slower and had to start the mental game. Not fun. About this time, all the bands packed up and photographers went home. There were even people missing from the food/water stations and I wasn't happy about that. I started getting upset. When you hit that point where you feel like it's killing you to move forward, that is when you need the support the most. That is when we had it the least. And quite honestly, it's sending a message that slower runners are insignificant. I wanted to cry. And then I did. I was hurting, ready to stop and I still had 8 more miles to go. Jamie was great, trying to distract me and make up convos to keep the focus off the pain. I got slower and slower and once we got to mile was suckage like I can't explain. Everyone was gone. They were the slowest and longest miles of my life and I just wanted it to be over. I knew I had to keep going but it took 5 times the effort it usually does to move forward. We continued on and FINALLY came up to Fair Park. I remember thinking, "Okay, the finish line is on the other side of this turn." I was worried it would be taken down and all the people giving out our medals would be gone and I wouldn't get a finishers shirt. Jamie ran on ahead and says, "It's still up!" We turn the corner and there it is...the most beautiful word in the world...FINISH! Thank GOD!!! We ran at a faster pace at that last .2 miles and it was AWESOME! We crossed and a lady put the medal over my neck and congratulated me. (I had a blue bib so everyone knew I was a first timer)...she also handed me a finisher shirt. I, of course, was crying, partially because I was so happy to be done, but also because I finished and they stayed for us and allowed us to have the finisher moment we deserved. Carrie, the other pace group leader, waited for us to finish and was so sweet and supportive as usual. My friends Jeana and Christina were there with my awesome mom and it felt great to have that support. I got tons of text messages during the race from all my wonderful friends and it was a good day, despite some dissapointment.

Then came the hard part...recovery! Once I finished, I could barely walk, it was rough. Walking to the car was a nightmare and then I discovered that I didn't have my car keys or my license. When you finish a long race, you're so out of it that you aren't really focused or thinking clearly. I remember having them near the finish line so I knew they had to be there somewhere. My mom went back to look for them and Jeana, Christina and I went back to the car. Mom found them at the finish and then Jeana finally found my license in my car. YAY! Crisis averted! That makes #3 for the day! We then went to El Fenix for dinner and I was so hungry that I ordered two meals. This was quite comical. I said, "I'd like the two enchilada dinner, and the chicken fried steak meal." He says, "Enchiladas a la carte?" I said, "Nope, the dinner and the other dinner." He looked at me like I was nuts, it was hilarious. My meals took up half the table and we got a good laugh out of that. I ended up not eating much and took it all home to my brother. I got home and assessed the damage. I had two big of which was on top of a callus. I had chaffing under the sports bra which I had before on the 23 mile training run. Even with those conditions, I actually was feeling pretty good (except for the couldn't walk part) and then about 8:30pm I started feeling sick. Usually this happens immediately after a long run so I was pretty excited that the nausea came late. By that time, I was on the couch and ready to go to bed anyway. I finally fell asleep around 10 and had to be up for work the next morning at 6.

The next morning, I was really sore and absolutely EXHAUSTED! Even after 8 hours of sleep, I was trying to stay awake all day. I felt good but so tired, it was rough. The soreness was even worse and I was just trying to make it through the day.

On Tuesday, Day 2 after the race....HORRIBLE! Day 2 is always the worst concerning soreness so I forced myself to take an ice bath. Those are intense and really hurt but MAN, does WONDERS every time! Once I took one, most of the soreness went away and by Wednesday I was walking normal.

Looking back, I feel much better about the experience now than I did the day I completed it. I was slow, everyone left, I felt hopeless and insignificant...but I FINISHED A MARATHON! Less than 2% of Americans have done that. I am a marathoner! I should be proud, and I am. My final time was 7:13:18. That is a suck time but ya know what, I'm going to get better. I'm going to train on speed this spring and try again next year and I will beat my time. I know what to expect now and I know that I have plenty of room to grow. My team has been wonderful and so have my friends and family. I might have been near the end but I was not last. It was a good day.

I am going to take 3 weeks off of running then start a 16 week speed training plan that I already have created. I have very high hopes for myself and I'm really excited about getting started.

I finished my first full only gets better from here!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Closing out the training season..

Wow, what a ride it has been! I finished my last training run tonight and it was pretty amazing. I finished with a record breaking pace of 10:57. When we started in June, I was averaging 15:50. I've come so far. I will never forget my first training run with the team. I almost died doing 4 miles and didn't know that I could ever do a full marathon. Now, I KNOW I can and I WILL! I'm so proud of my work this season and cannot wait to break even more speed records in the spring.

My friend Carrie and I are going to the expo on Saturday to pick up our race packets and I know it's going to be a runner's dream to see all the booths. I found out that my bib # is going to be 5940. I always keep my bibs but this one is going to be extra first full marathon. Wow.

My mom, Jeana and Christina are coming for sure to watch me finish. I'm pretty excited to have some support. I'm going to spend the next 2 days resting up and mentally preparing for Sunday. I'm so incredibly proud and excited about my work thus far and I'm feeling proud of who I am and what I always strive to accomplish. As previously stated, I'm in the happy place.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The important stuff!

I picked out my outfit for the marathon! I know that doesn't sound important but it SO is! :0) I'm going to wear my white "Conquer the Rock!" shirt...I thought it was appropriate. The forecast is now changed to partly sunny with a high of 53 and a low of 37 for Sunday. This is perfect. Don't think I'll need a sweatshirt. It'll be cold waiting to start but I will get warm very quickly once we begin.

That's all for now! Tomorrow night is my last training run...holla!