Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oh yeah!!

Tonight was awesomeness. Yes, I said that. I got to have a much deserved dinner with Christina and then we hit the gym! Today was a time breaker for me! Remember when I said that my focus was going to be speed? Well I bumped my speed up tremendously and figured I wouldn't make it or at least it would kill me...NOPE! I did AWESOME!!! I was really surprised at what I could do. Even at my most in shape before, I would take 47-48 min to run 3 miles. TODAY-39:59!!!!! OMG I could not believe that I did that. I was running 12:00 miles!!!!! (The walks were 15:00 pace and that's how I ended up with that final number...remember I'm walk/run training) And the best part...it wasn't that hard. I am hitting a new level in my running and I am SO. INCREDIBLY. PUMPED!!!! I still remember when running 4.0 speed killed me. Now I'm running 5.0 and am fine. I love it!!! Looks like my training and awesome nutrition is really paying off.

And I HAVE to say...Christina kicked ASS tonight! I was pretty shocked at how strong she held up...WAY more than me when I started. I have a feeling we have a finish line in our future :0)

Jeana is also doing well. We are e-mailing eachother our daily food intake and it's really helping. It's fun doing it with peeps...Jeana, my mom and Christina are pretty much my support system in this process.

So yeah, I'm pretty much on cloud 9 about my new found strength. I weighed in yesterday for my first hardcore week's weight loss! 4.9 lbs lost!!!! I was so proud of that number. I earned it!

I feel great. Strong, healthy and ready for Saturday's 16 mile course from hell! BRING IT!!!

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  1. Oh yeah, bring on the hell!! You're doing great and I know you'll have a great run this weekend :-)