Thursday, September 2, 2010

A great week and some changes...

I'm finally having some time to get my blog on. I've had a GREAT week! I made some changes. If I eat a little bit of crap (35 flex pts)... then I end up eating way too much of it and I can't break the cycle. Because of this, I've decided to go back to my original nutrition plan: VERY little white foods..switch to whole grain/wheat carbs, natural sugars, tons of protein and absolutely NO CHEATING!...I've done perfect nutrition this week and the cravings have FINALLY gone away. On Monday I ran 3 miles, Tuesday-2 miles and tonight-2 miles. I wanted to do more but it's been a busy week and I've worked late a lot. However, I do feel that I'm fully prepared for Saturday's race.

Saturday we are running the DRC (Dallas Running Club) 5 mile Breakfast Bash. We run a 5 mile course and then they provide breakfast. I'm pretty excited about such a short course and even more excited about the cooler weather. For breakfast, I've heard they have unhealthy food but good choices too, so I will only eat the good stuff. I'm sure that will be a tough temptation because after races you're so tired and are tempted to think "Well, I just ran 5 miles, what would it hurt?" Nope, it always hurts.

Anyway, I'm feeling MUCH better about things and I feel great to finally have some focus. I'm really excited about Monday's weigh-in. I will be happy with a 2.5lb loss or more. Cross your fingers!!! :0)

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