Monday, June 25, 2012

About Me

I'm Lindsey, 31 years old and am currently living in Plano, TX. You know, growing up, I never thought I'd ever be a runner. I still can't believe it when I think about it. But I've always had something inside of me that craves extreme success in any form, and I've been this way since I can remember. I am very much a goal setter, and I like to learn new things and perfect the art, whichever it may be. I'm also a perfectionist and demand the very best from myself at all times. I'm pretty sure I get this from my father.

Anyway, I have played softball, did some strength training in college, and became a pro at the elliptical machine but to be honest, I never, EVER enjoyed working out and the mere realization of that is why I never pushed myself to do something great. day I was watching Biggest Loser. At that time I was very unhealthy, sad, depressed, and ready for a new challenge. On that night's episode, they were having the Biggest Loser Half-Marathon. Watching the finish of the participants inspired me and I just bursted into tears. It hit me like a bolt of lightning...I said, "I'm going to do that!" And I did!! I started big...of course. I'm very extreme so I did a half way before I ever did a 5K, 10K or 15K. But it was great. I trained on my own, starting with Couch to 5K. I will NEVER forget my first week of this program. Never running a day of my life, naturally I was dying. And I will never forget day 3. I was on the treadmill and completing the 60 seconds jogging, 90 seconds walking intervals for 20 minutes. The guy next to me says, "Are you okay? Maybe you should sit for a second." HAHA yeah, that happened. It was the hardest thing I'd ever done in my LIFE. To this day, I still say running up to 3 miles for the first time is still harder than going long. The work it takes to condition the body up to that is huge, and I will always respect that process.
MOVING ON, once I got to where I could run 3 miles straight, I created a customized half-marathon training program for myself and I chose the Big D Half to be my first race. During training, I discovered my love for running. I can honestly say running my little heart out every Saturday, upping my miles one week at a time was one of the best times of my life! Every week, I hit a "that's the longest I've ever run in my life" milestone. Talk about a high! I loved it. And then race day came. My first Half-Marathon finish was amazing. I cried of course and got my first medal. It was *AWESOME*! At that time I thought it would be a check it off the list kind of thing. Nope! I love new challenges and thought, "Well if I can do a half, then I can do a full!" So I signed myself up for the Jeff Galloway Running Program. This program was different because it was 1 min walking/1 min running. I was running straight on my own, but my body was feeling it, and I figured this could be great for going really long and preventing injury. So I tried it and found that the support of a running group made all the difference in those upper mileages. We trained for 30 weeks and I completed my first Full Marathon in December of 2010. Yes I was very proud of myself but I'm not going to glamour it up. It was awful and I was in tears the last 6 miles. But once I recovered, I could enjoy the reward of finishing and accomplishing that insane goal.

Since then, I've completed 11 Half Marathons and 3 Full Marathons. I'm also now a Pace Group Leader for my running team and I absolutely love it. I have found my running family and I am so grateful this has turned out to be such a passion for me.

So now only one question remains...

Should I do an Ultra? :0) Maybe one of these days...


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