Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Princess Half and a MEAN scale!

I have always wanted to run Disney and's happening!! My new friend Jenny and I are doing it together. She's super sweet and fun and I know we will have a blast! I cannot believe it...I've dreamed of this for so long! I cannot wait to run those 13 magical miles! The race weekend is Feb. 22nd-24th, 2013. We will most likely fly down Friday and come back Monday. I need to get skinny because I need to look cute in all the pics. YAY!!!

On a more downer note, I lost ZERO weight this week. I was uber bummed. I did lose 4 inches, though so I know I'm making progress. I worked hard so I was surprised to see no loss, but the inches don't lie so I'm trying to stay positive.

I *WILL* reach my goal. NOTHING will stop me!!!

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  1. OMG. We are going to have such an AMAZING time. I can't wait to run my first Princess Half with you!