Friday, June 29, 2012


I had a really hard workout in the gym today and I'm excited to report that I am seeing progress! SCORE! I've been starting this new strength training program, which if I'm honest, I've never done before. My doctor told me strength training would help tremendously with my Fibromyalgia. He is right! I am starting to feel GOOD! Anyway, today when I was doing the kettlebell, I realized I am ready to up my weight. I am currently doing a 15lb bell and I think I'm ready for a 20. On the dumb bells, I'm ready for 10 lbs instead of 8. WOO HOO!

Then I went to cardio and I've noticed that my last three treadmill runs have increased in pace by 15 seconds each run. I'm getting faster! These are the intervals I used today:

1:1's 2x
90:60 2x
2:1 2x

That interval sequence adds up to exactly 30 minutes so it works out! I think by next week I will be ready to increase my intervals even more. I'm excited!

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