Sunday, October 28, 2012

Speed Work!

My friend Carrie finished her big Marathon today and it inspired me to get serious about my own Marathon training. I am running my 3rd marathon in 41 days and I need to get myself comfortable running faster. I'm not very knowledgeable on speed training processes, so I'm hoping she will walk me through it and tell me what I need to do. Sometimes all the numbers can get confusing.

But yeah, I'm excited about getting some focus and I'm already down in weight, too. YAY! I don't have any more serious temptations nutrition wise, until Thanksgviging. This gives me some time to do some serious work.

I'm also getting excited about the Princess Half Marathon in February. They just released the medal, it's SO cute, it's PINK!!!! YAY!!!!

I'm glad to be excited about things again and I am sensing some real progress in my future!

WOOP! :0)

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