Sunday, December 30, 2012


Lots of happies going on right now. First of all, I have passed the hungry part of this process and am now satisifed with small portions. THANK. GOD. The first three days of getting back on plan are always so hard.

Also, I just signed up for some awesome races. I'm doing the Hot Chocolate 15K in February and the Firefly 5K in March. The Hot Chocolate run is awesome because you get a gnarly sweatshirt that's uber cute. And it's two weeks before our Disney race and fits perfectly into our training schedule. And the Firefly is awesome because it's a night race and you get to wear all this glow in the dark garb that makes for awesome pictures!

Also, my scale is my friend right now. As of today, I'm down 6 lbs since Wednesday...that's not even a week! Holy crap!!!

Keep the happies comin'!

:0) :0) :0)

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