Sunday, August 22, 2010

End of week 2...

This week was a tough one. Our work schedule was insane with hour and a half lunches and long meetings all day every day. I never really made a bad choice, but I didn't get all the fruits and veggies in that I should have. Also, because things were so crazy and I worked late almost every night, I only got one 3 mile run in during the week. I did complete 14 miles on Saturday though so that gives me a total of 17 miles this week. I'm not expecting a loss this week because I'm about to start (woman stuff) and I didn't make good choices this weekend at my grandma's house. If I gain a little, I'm okay with it, it's been a REALLY exhausting week.

The good news is that starting tomorrow, I will be on a schedule from this point forward. I won't have time to go get food and I will bring my lunch every day at work. I also will get my workouts in this week because I'll have more time for it.

The 14 mile course was awesome! I did much better on this course than I did on the 9 mile one. I think I just had a really bad day on that course. And part of it was probably due to the fact that I missed the previous 2 long runs. I know that hurt me tremendously. So yeah, I'm feeling good about things.

I'll let you know the damage tomorrow.

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