Sunday, November 11, 2012

26 Miler: A Success

I made it! We completed our 26 mile training run yesterday and we all held up VERY well. Sara, Bob and I did the full distance and then Carrie joined us for the last 8. It was pretty funny because we were trying to get ourselves to be slower, but we couldn't slow down! How funny because it was quite the opposite experience in June. It just goes to show you how much conditioning slowly can get you in shape! I am very proud of us. We have worked hard and all deserve to do well in the marathon.

We have four weeks of training left! 2 short Saturday runs (One I will be doing alone) and a taper run! WOOP! The hard part is over. Now I need to get in 2-3 runs during each week and maintain a very healthy diet for the next four weeks so I can be mentally strong and confident for the race. I am going to get a PR, I can FEEL it!

Here's a picture of us after our 26 miler. I love my running team!!!

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