Monday, August 9, 2010

Facing the Damage

So today was the first day back to being truly focused on my nutrition and training. A little bit of back story: I was doing fabulous last Spring until after I completed my half-marathon in April. Once it was over, I chose to relax a little. With this came a little bit of cheating, and a little less exercise. I only gained about 4 lbs, which to me was somewhat normal considering I was previously in hard-core training mode, any subtle change would make me gain a little. Then this summer came. My first summer semester was easy. I worked half a day and then had the rest of the day to do my homework. The course load was slightly heavy but manageable and I had it made. I lost 5lbs and was feeling hopeful. Then the second semester hit. And that's when it alllll changed.

The second semester classes consisted of an INSANE Data class, a Technology in Eduation class, and the finishing up of my Internship course work. The Tech class isn't bad, but the Data class, I've never had anything like that before. I have NEVER worked so hard in my life in something. Our professor was really tough and always made us feel like we'd never be good enough. I FREAKED out when I discovered that I didn't know how to balance that kind of load. And my reaction to freaking out...eating everything in sight.

Since the beginning of summer, I've gained 8 lbs. I weighed this morning and was incredibly sad and angry about all of it. I can't believe that after all I've learned, I can still let go of the focus. It's time to get it back. I'm still very frustrated that I have to work my butt off for the next month just to get back to where I was-it's not going to be fun.

I've made some decisions regarding this round of determination. Last Spring, I chose to go extreme hardcore. I ran CONSTANTLY, only ate whole grain carbs, natural sugars, protein, fruits and vegetables. The weight fell off. While all that is fine and good, I never ate what I wanted-and I was miserable. This time-I'm going to do all of those same things, but allow myself the 35 flex points per week on Weight Watchers. This plan has always worked for me, and while I understand that the weight will probably come off a little slower this time, I'm okay with it. Life is about balance, and that is one subject I have always struggled with. 35 flex points pretty much equals one good meal a week, and that sounds pretty freakin' awesome to me! I'm not going to weigh every day-it makes one obsessed. I'm also going to seriously up the water intake. I've been having all kinds of issues with dehydration and I'm learning how much your body actually needs when running 10+ miles. It's WAY more than I ever imagined.

I'll be honest-I'm still frustrated and angry but I'll probably feel better in a couple days. This blog is an excellent way for me to sort through it all....

Where I am in my training:

I joined a running team and we run long distances on Saturday mornings at 5:00AM. Yes, 5:00AM. I normally would be complaining since I oh-so-cherish my sleep, but I will do anything to escape the misery of running in summer heat. It's brutal. Anyway, we are up to 11 miles so far. (I think they are up to more, but I was gone last weekend). This upcoming Saturday, we are running 9. We are supposed to run on our own 3-4 times a week ranging from 2-5 miles or so, so I will be upping those as well.

Here is our race schedule for the next 5 months:

Sept 4th: Breakfast Bash 5 mile
Sept 18th: Tour de Fleurs 20K (should probably find out what that means)
Nov. 7th: Dallas Running Club Half Marathon (Woop, will be my 2nd, can't wait)
Dec. 5th: White Rock Full Marathon

I'm so incredibly excited about pursuing a Full Marathon. I dream big so I though what they hell, go for it! I haven't quite wrapped my mind around 26.2 miles JUST yet, but I figure if I continue to take it seriously, I will pull through just fine.

I know I keep mentioning that I'm frustrated, but I just have to accept that I was in survival mode and I did the best I could. I need to just get over it and move on. I did however kick ass at the gym tonight! I ran 2 miles at my fastest speed on a treadmill and finished a record time. I also had perfect nutrition today. This is definitely a good start.

I promise to do my best regarding this blog. I know last time I seriously dropped the ball. My schedule is crazy but I need to make this a priority. I was amazed how much weight I lost before when I was able to process and write about the successes and frustrations. I did it once, I can do it again.

Until next time...


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