Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting it back...

Another great nutrition day today,and tonight I ran 4 miles at the gym. I am very happy to report that it wasn't near as hard as yesterday's 3 miles, and I think I've finally built up my stamina again. YAY!!!

Tomorrow I'm excited to have a rest day. Fridays are always rest days because we have long runs on Saturday mornings. This Saturday we are running a 9 mile course, which I hear is a hard one so I will be pumping tons of water and mentally preparing for that. I'm also going to start hill training soon-which I'm not looking forward to AT. ALL. Hills kill me every time.

Tonight I was drenched with sweat and hideous...and of course I have to ride the elevator up with 2 of what have to be the most gorgeous guys in my apartment complex. Why is it that when you look smokin' hot, no one is around to see it, but if you look like crap and have your hair plastered to your face with sweat, there's a mob? The world may never know...

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