Monday, August 16, 2010

First week results!

After running 18 miles in week one, plus awesome nutrition with one cheat meal, I lost 2.6 lbs my first week. Not amazing, but I said I'd be happy with anything over 2.5. I told myself I'd be okay with losing slower since I'm incorporating the cheat days in, and I have to be.

Great news! I challenged my friend Jeana to a 3 mile run tonight and SHE DID IT!!!! I'm so freaking proud of her. It's so amazing to see people go beyond what they think they can do. She reminds me so much of me when I first started. Go J-Colla! Woop!!

I'm determined to have a great week! I have a very scary 14 mile course coming up on Saturday and I have the utmost respect for the preparation for it. I'm really nervous because I have only completed up to 13.1 miles so far, which was my half-marathon. I am going to have a PERFECT nutrition week and get my runs in so maybe it won't be so bad. Ok who am I kidding, it's gonna suck!

We got some bad news today concerning the health of some people I know. It really puts things into perspective. There are people out there fighting for their lives and have absolutely no choice in the matter, and then there are people who choose to destroy themselves, whether it be with food, alcohol, drugs or whatever. It's just another reminder that I need to respect my body enough to take care of myself. Seems so minimal compared to what other people are going through. I am so blessed.

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