Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Christmas Tree Workout!

I am DONE with this stupid tree. It is in 3 heavy pieces in my apt. I can barely lift the parts...oh yes, Lindsey had to get the BIG tree...and the stupid thing won't go in the stupid hole and its stupid self keeps falling over on me!! Me trying to hold it up for so long produced an extensive sweat so I will call that weight training for the day! Me running after the tree as it falls will be my run for the day. I know it's a stretch, but at this point I don't give a flying flip! On to happier subjects...

I ALMOST convinced my friend Jeana to do the TOO COLD TO HOLD 15K with me in January. She seems a little nervous about my highly ambitious goals. (I tend to aim high. I did a half-marathon way before I did my first 5 or 15K)but I know she can do it. Besides, it's so much more fun to run those races with peeps. I'm going to create a training plan for her and she should be good to go! I'm excited...I'm gonna make angry face pictures and inspirational sayings like "Keep going til you puke!" to make sure she's super-comfortable. HAHA!!!

On a serious note, I had a really rough day today. I woke up feeling very sad and it took me almost all day to shake it off. I finally did. Once my Christmas tree fell over for the 4th time, I finally just had to laugh and say, "Merry Ghetto Christmas!" I'm finally feeling a little bit better and I'm ready to see my family on Thursday for Thanksgiving. My grandma seems to make everything better.

Tomorrow will be my last run until Saturday. I'm tryin to decide what kind of mileage I should do on Sat. I'm thinking 7 miles would be a good taper run.

I've created a VERY intense spring training schedule that focuses primarily on speed. Since my slow self could use some improvement in speed, I thought the 5 half-marathon challenge seemed appropriate. I'm also returning back to hardcore nutrition like before. I'm pretty excited about getting the rest of the weight off. Come on January 3rd!

I registered for the Texas Half Marathon in January and will register for Cowntown in Feb. with my next paycheck. They have a great medal series but if I'm not mistaken, I think I will start in the second medal of the series. That means that if I do it for 3 more years...theee will be a huge gap in the ginormo medal that all 4 medals in the series makes! GRRRRR

Ok, I just had the most ghetto experience of all to end this "fabulous" day....my dog just barfed on the Christmas tree. SERIOUSLY?! Wow, I am DONE with this day. Goodnight.

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