Monday, November 15, 2010

DRC Half Marathon

I completed half-marathon #2 on Sunday, November 7th. It was AWESOME! I woke up with a throbbing sore throat and that part sucked, but once I got out in the cold air, I felt a lot better. My goal was to complete the race at any time faster than my half-marathon #1 time which was 3:32:31. I knew I'd been training hard but I didn't know how realistic it was for me to be faster since I've been training run/walk. Well, I did much better than I was expecting. Once I got into a groove, I didn't stop for walk breaks and would run in 30 min increments with about 2 min walking breaks at the end of each long segment. That worked really well for me. I kept expecting to poop out and I never really did until about mile 11, I started getting kina tired then. But it's interesting to watch how other people train. A lot of people get all confident and fast at the beginning and then once they hit mile 6 or so, they poop out and walk the rest. I start slow and keep it steady. It was such a great moment for me to still hold strong at the end, and to pass every person that was walking. Goooo meeee!!! Not only did I beat my time, but I beat it by over 20 minutes. I was VERY proud of myself. My final time was 3:11:56. It's still not fast but I'm making progress. My next Half Marathon will be in January, as I'm taking on the 5 half-marathons challenge in the spring. Hopefully I will keep getting faster.

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  1. You so rock! Keep up the good training and you'll beat your new time in your next race :-)