Monday, November 22, 2010

A little anxious...

I am making a promise to myself right now that I will post every day until my race. The biggest course of my LIFE is coming up next weekend and I need to hold myself accountable.

Tonight I ran 2 miles. Lame I know but I'm easing back into the mileage...haha obviously. Tomorrow I am going to do 3 and my plan is to do an easy 7 mile run on Saturday and then taper the next week.

I am feeling so many emotions right now. First of all, I'm bummed that I've gained about 13 lbs since April. It's really been bothering me. I'm at that "I'm still pretty, right?" place and it's not a happy place. But the more I think about it, the more I need to just get over it and realize that I always gain weight in the winter and I always lose it in the spring. GET OVER IT LINDSEY!

I'm also in a "I hate men" phase. It seems like every guy I go for turns out to be a douchebag! I have GOT to start picking better men. The one really good thing about being in the "I hate men" phase is that I usually kick ass in my running during that time. Oh and then I always send them hot pics of me thinner. Oh yeah :p

ANYWAY...huge race coming up next weekend. 26.2 mile full marathon. YIKES! I've trained, I know I could do 23 miles, so I can do 26 but man, it's gonna hurt. It's gonna be long and I'm going to be dying by the end. I hope I don't barf when I cross the finish line or almost pass out like last time. Oh and keeping my hearing this go around would be good. I've been staring at the course...take a look:

See that little lake on the right? That lake is HUGE!! And it's such a small little part of the course. Puts things into perspective on just how long it is. I've also been coming up with some ideas on how to keep from getting bored for that long. I think I'm going to download a motivational talk to listen to about mile 20 when I get really tired and I'm going to create a kick-ass playlist. That really kept me going on my last half. I'm not worried about the first half, I'm worried about the last 6 miles or so. Your legs hurt so bad and you're so exhausted and you can just feel everyone's pain around you. But one thing I've learned from all these races is that the longer you go, the better the high when you're done. And honestly, I cannot IMAGINE the sense of pride and accomplishment I am going to feel as I cross the finish line. It's going to be incredible.

Another thing I've been thinking the hell am I supposed to fit so many Gu's in my running belt? It's only so big and you are supposed to take one Gu every 3 miles...well that's 8 Gu's. Holy crap! There's no way I can fit that many. I'm going to have to get really creative!

I hear they are going to have a band at every mile. This should be interesting. I wonder if they are gonna be suck bands or good ones. I hope they are smart and keep the peppiest ones at the end when we need the boost.

Ok I think that's all the rambling I have for tonight. Look forward to posting tomorrow about my 3 miles! WOOP!!!

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