Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So I've been doing a lot of thinking over the last couple weeks and I've come to the conclusion that I feel like absolute crap. I have been eating WAAAYYY too much bad food and I'm getting puffy! This taking time off from running sucks. I feel like a lazy bum. The shapely form I used to have, now it looks like marshmallows. It's not pretty! I'm tired of feeling down about it so it's officially time to change it. Now I know what you're thinking...Why now, Lindsey? Well, because I want to give myself a head start before January. Starting in January, I am going to kill it and lose the rest of my weight (Yes, I'm confident) and what a great time for it to happen sooner than planned! I'm just tired of feeling so down and lethargic about weigh gain. It gets old pretty quick. SO...starting tomorrow, it's time to recommit myself to nutrition. I haven't been fully committed since last April so I think it's time to start feeling good again. Honestly, I don't think it will be hard at first...right now the thought of cookies and cake makes me want to puke but I know the cravings for bad stuff will creep in in a few days. Just gotta be strong, I can do this. So yeah, leave it to me to try at the hardest time of year but I don't care. I'm tired of feeling like this. I noticed I've been avoiding mirrors. That is SO not me! I am the sassy girl that flaunts it in heels...THAT'S who I always should be. SO-it's time to get her back. Shouldn't take long...time to utilize my support system and get to work!!

To Hotness!


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