Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 4

Still holdin' strong! In fact, I'm feeling pretty motivated today. I got a 6 mile hill course in today and my pace was 14:19 which wasn't bad considering it was a hard course and I haven't had a long run since early December. I'm honestly pretty happy to be starting a new running season at that pace! So much better than when I started at 17:00 minute miles! Anyway...I went to the store and bought tons of healthy food and I feel GREAT about what is in my apartment. I do not have one thing that's full of sugar or that is bad for you. I'm so glad I'll be at home for two weeks and able to prepare food the easy way, not at work!

I'm considering doing another full marathon in April to prove to myself that I can do better, but I haven't officially decided if I want to put those kind of hours in just yet. I'm going to give myself a month to think on it before I make a decision to register.

Here's my nutrition for today:

Fiber One Cereal

2 ckn fajitas
charro beans

extra charro beans (I liked them)

Subway turkey and ham on wheat
1/2 bag of baked lays

Lowfat sugar free chocolate ice cream

I feel so great! I got my perfect calories in for today and I have to be honest: I'm shocked at how much a difference a week can make. Last Saturday, I was eating tons of crap and was feeling really sad, sluggish and unattractive! Today, a week later...I feel hopeful, happy, strong, and that I still got it! It's so not worth throwing your life away because you want to be able to have those cookies. I'm so glad I caught myself early...and that I'm willing to undo the weight gain. I really feel good about where I am, mentally.

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