Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Weigh-In: Week 1

I weighed in this morning for my first week back on the nutrition that I should be on while running and .....I lost 4.3 lbs! GO. ME! I was pretty happy about that but I gotta be honest, the last few days have been rough. Yesterday and the day before, I had some motivational issues. I wasn't going to cave, but Monday I really wanted pizza and was very grumpy that I coudln't have it. I ended up eating more calories than I should have and then I just felt like crap about everything. Because I felt like crap, I didn't go to the gym. Yep, it's a vicious cycle isn't it? Kind of the same thing happened yesterday ....I was hungry all day but didn't go over my calories, but I didn't work out either. I only ran 3 times this first week and that is super-lame. I'm kind of dissapointed in myself but hey, I had a good loss so I must have done something right.

Today was much better. I wasn't hungry at all, in fact I'm under my calories...and I had a great 3 mile run at the gym. My pace is getting faster and I'm starting to feel much more comfortable at faster speeds. This is a great way to start the spring training season.

I talked my friend Jeana into doing a 15K with me. This will be her first long distance race so I'm totally pumped about getting started with her. Too bad she isn't, in fact I think she's dreading it. I made a customized training plan specifically for her in her favorite colors so hopefully that will help pep her up! We're starting our first long run on Dec. 27th!

I'm really enjoying my time off of work. I actually got EVERYTHING I possibly needed to get done today and am now able to just relax and enjoy the holidays. I'm a little worried about nutrition this week because of the visit to my grandma's house. I've planned to eat a little of what I want, but not go nuts under any circumstance. Unfortunately, my awesome Memama does not believe in low-fat food, so we might need to make a pit stop on the way for some healthier choices so I'll at least have something to go along with those "little bit" of goodies. I'm so excited to see my family rocks!

Here's my nutrition for today:

Fiber One Poptart (YUM)

Healthy Choice Meatloaf Meal
Baked Apples

Mini Breakfast Burrito

Which Wich-Turkey and ham on wheat w/veggies

Baked Cheetos

Losin' weight and feelin' great! Can't wait for those races!!!

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