Sunday, January 2, 2011

Last Day of Freedom!!

The hell starts tomorrow! Ok, it won't be hell, but I'm REALLY gonna hate getting up at 5am...I am NOT a morning person! But I keep telling myself, how great is it going to be at 6am when it's over? Yay!

This semester is going to be extra challenging because of my stress level. If I fit in the runs in the morning, I won't have an excuse and I'm hoping that losing weight will keep me mentally balanced during this stressful semester. I have many races planned this month and I'm hoping that'll keep me stable and motivated.

Monday will be my weigh-in day and I have strong speed training and nutrition plans in place. I'm ready to get started! I'll be blogging as much as I can fit in, and will hopefully be skinny just in time for summer! Ya know, the summer I will have OFF?! I am SO excited about this, I will be graduated and relaxin' in the's been so long since I've done that! COME ON, MAY!!!

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