Monday, January 17, 2011

Woo Hoo!!!

Lost 3.1 lbs this week....ooooh yeah! I had a fantastic week with no cravings, no cheating, not going over my calories and 13 miles of running. I'm very proud of myself, especially since I was sick the entire week and missed a workout. Let's hope this week goes just as smooth.

Tomorrow I start classes, oh joy. I know I'm gonna cry when I see the syllabus. Both classes look really tough. I've already packed a healthy dinner for tomorrow on the way to class. I think as my treat for the day I'm gonna stop and get a Sonic diet coke on the way. I LOVE Sonic diet cokes.

Today I did a nice and easy slow run with Jeana. I bumped her up to 8 miles for today and she did really well. I only got 2 "I hate you"'s and some consistent complaining toward the end but she got through it. I don't care if you bitch, but you must finish. That's my 1 rule. She did and passed with flying colors. I took her up to Arbor Hills and she handled those well, they aren't easy. We have a 15K this Sunday around White Rock Lake and I'm excited that it's her first 15K! I'm so proud of her and it was awesome seeing her set that milestone for herself. It's gonna be fun!! :0)

I did 8 miles today and starting tomorrow, I will be resting every Tuesday because those are the days I have class and will be completing 14 hr days. This means I'll be in the gym on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with one long run on the weekend. This is 4 times a week and a moderate component of my life. I feel pretty good about it.

Wish me luck...starting tomorrow, life will be twice as stressful and I'm going to need a lot of focus and energy to get me through the next 18 weeks. Here we go.... :(

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  1. Linds, it will not be easy for you the next few months and you don't have to be perfect. Give yourself a break when you need to....balance is extrememly important as you know. When life throws you the curves, roll with it and keep going. I know you will be successful with this journey because for the first time, I feel that you really really want it. Hang in there and know I will always be your biggest cheerleader.