Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Goals...

New Years Day is kind of cool for me because Jan. 1 of last year was the first time I'd ever run 3 miles. It was pretty awesome. Now I can do so much more than that and I feel like my hard work has finally paid off. Now, if you know me...I always have to aim higher so I've set quite a few goals for myself this spring. I've created a running schedule that starts Monday, January 3rd and the focus is primarily speed. I start at a reasonable speed and get faster and faster each week. It's a 16 week plan which will consist of one half-marathon a month. I am going to try and beat my time each month and I will track my progress. I cannot WAIT! By the end of the summer, I should not be slow...well, not AS slow if you will. I'm excited!

I'm beginning my final principal internship with work so I will be working really late hours all the time so I've decided to do my workouts in the morning...5am! Yep, that's gonna suck. But I can imagine it's like anything else, once you get in a habit, it'll get easier. And I bet having it done by 6am is going to be awesome. I'm returning to my great nutrition on Monday as well and my weight loss goal for this spring is 30 lbs. That's totally doable if I stick with it. I'm feeling pretty confident in that. I did it once, I can do it again.

Here are the races I plan to do this spring:

Jan. 8th: Bold in the Cold 15K
Jan. 15th: Hot Chocolate 10K
Jan. 23rd: Too Cold to Hold 15K
Jan. 29th: Texas Half Marathon
Feb. 27th: Cowtown Half Marathon
Mar. 27th: Rock N Roll Half Marathon
Apr. 10th: Big D Half Marathon
May 1st : Heels and Hills Half Marathon

Hopefully by May, my medal rack will be full! I'm pretty excited about it :0)

Here's to 2011: The year for strength and accomplishment!!!

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