Saturday, August 4, 2012

15 miler

This morning, I completed 15 miles with the team. I've been worried about this run for awhile and my concern was more than justified. The first 9 miles were great, but miles 10-15 were pretty brutal. When the sun was beating down and my feet hurt and I was staring up at hills when feeling slightly nauseous, it really was mind over matter. Luckily I had my team with me to help me through it. When you spend so many hrs running with people, you get really close and I was thinking today how lucky I am to have some of best friends suffering beside me. I feel like we can get through anything if we are together.

I'm absolutely exhausted. That run took everything out of me today. I haven't been sleeping well so I'm hoping I will get significant rest tonight so I can be up bright and early for church.

I am SO ready for Fall. Once the temperature drops, runs become 10x easier and we all the sudden get faster. Then it's time for race mode. OOooh yeaahhh!!

Speaking of races, it's now time to start mentally preparing for this Sunday's Hottest Half Marathon. Yay for a race shirt and a medal!

I'm off to bed. Hoping for some deep sleep. Good night, dear readers.

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