Saturday, August 18, 2012


So I get my happy self up at 3:45am to mix the Gatorade for our group and am on my way out the door by 4 and I get the word on the road that the run is cancelled because of lightning. There are pros and cons to this. Obviously, going back to bed rocks. But I actually got sleep and was ready, and ended up completely wasting a 5 gallon jug of Gatorade. Oh how it pains me!!! I'm gonna set it up in the kitchen today for some to drink just because I feel so bad.

So this messes with our schedule. I made specific weekend plans based on long mileage since I usually feel sick and am down for the day after any run more than 15 miles. It almost would be better to get the run in tomorrow but I'm thinking that won't work for some so I'm curious to see how we are going to make it up.

So yeah-slept until almost 11 and it was glorious considering I only have two days left of freedom before going back to work. Sadds!!!

And I have been SUCH a slacker! I've done cardio once in two weeks. It stops today! Ok maybe tomorrow! I have got to get myself back on a cardio pattern so I don't stall on weight loss.

Must keep going, must keep going!!!!

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