Thursday, August 9, 2012


I've been following the Olympics very closely and I must say, I am so inspired by some of these athletes. They all have a story, they all have been down in their training, but they all have the courage to break through it and persevere. I'm also very impressed by their focus. It was great timing for my current mental state.

I am about to go back to work, and it will be very easy for me to work out less and make poor nutrition choices, BUT I am recognizing that I will be tired, and I must plan for it. My goals have not changed so my behaviors cannot, either. I think a key for me is sleep. I need to be tired at night and go to bed early. I think the best routine for me is going to the gym right after work on my way home. It's done by 6pm and I can enjoy my night and go to bed early.

With Fibromyaliga, I am hurting frequently and am exceptionally tired all the time, so I need a plan that will set me up for success. I am not my disease. I am a fighter, and strong as hell and I WILL reach my goals. Just like those athletes, sometimes circumstance makes things hard, but the ones that have what it takes will break through it and will be stronger and better for it in the end. I always need to remember: being weak is a choice, but so is being strong.

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