Thursday, August 2, 2012

Running In Heat

So this Saturday, I have a 15 miler in the dead summer heat. Hot long mileage is never fun, but I don't think I've gone more than 13 in this kind of heat before. Usually our mileage doesn't increase to this until about September, when the temperature starts going down again. Naturally, I am nervous. The first 9 miles should be fine. Some of it will be done in the dark. But it starts to get crazy hot around the time of an insanely steep incline in elevation from mile 10-13. In other words, very hard hills when it's the hottest and we're the most tired. SCARY!!!
I love our team and we have a great group of conversationalists, so usually we make the best of it and try to have some fun. I do like the 15 mile course (minus the hills, of course) because a lot of it is around White Rock Lake. I will be one happy girl when this 15 miler is over. Then we will have 2 weeks before the next long 17 miler! Ahh we're gonna die!!!!

Anytime I start to get scared or feel weak, I think of my favorite motto:

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