Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Today I went back to work, and it was an 11 hour day because I had a meeting after school and worked in my room a couple hours after that. About that time, I noticed severe inflammation in my right shoulder up to my neck. Here we go...Ugh. I knew the Fibro would start up again when I went back to work. I might need to consider working out in the morning so I can get my exercise in when my body is not inflamed. I'm going to aim for afternoon again tomorrow and see my body feels. I am not going to stay late tomorrow so my plan is to leave on time and go to the gym straight from work. I'm going to do my fibro stretches tonight and go to bed very early. Cross your fingers that I feel good tomorrow! Anytime a pain cycle starts, it's important to get in front of it with exercise because once you're in that much pain, it's really hard to exercise because you feel like your body can't take it.

I still feel okay about things. I knew this was coming and have been mentally preparing for it. Tomorrow is a new day with maybe not so bad pain. I have my weekly weigh-in in the morning! Should be interesting since I've been a total slacker. :/

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