Monday, July 23, 2012

2010 DRC Half Marathon

DRC and I have a love/hate relationship. I've done well with time on that race, but for some reason I get horribly sick after all of them. HMM! Of course both times my strategy was completely stupid. I started out going really fast and too hard, and then I'm hella tired by the end. BUT, I still don't understand why I'm so sick when I'm fully conditioned by the time the race comes. The world may never know.

A lot of people hate this race, and I'm not really sure why. It's a great time of year, and though it has some solid hills in random places, I like the race. White Rock is beautiful so I'm always happy to run there. And with a great shirt and a medal, I always enjoy it. Now after this particular race, I remember getting my medal, and see the pic above? I was about to hurl when that was taken. Can you tell? (and oh my gosh, I was fat!) Immediately after that race, I had to lay down because walking made me faint. I got horribly sweaty and started seeing white. If I laid down, it was bearable, but every time I'd try to get up, I'd get sick again. My two PGL's at the time went and got massages while I stayed on the ground, haha. Then we rode the bus back and I felt horrible all the way home. I slept for a very long time when I got home then got very ill the next 4 days. Good. Times.

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