Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rest And A New Shirt!

My Disney "In Training" shirt came in yesterday! I actually chose the more masculine one, which is odd for me since I always go for girly, but I didn't like the design of the lighter color, so I went with this one. Yes, that was a run-on sentence. :D It's a dark color, so I will have to save it for Fall, but it still gets me excited about running Disney, so I'm happy.

I have REALLY enjoyed these last two days of rest. I have stretched out my body a lot and I'm feeling good again. Friday's are usually rest days because of Saturday morning runs, but since we're only running 8 miles this Saturday, I can workout tomorrow since I've been such a bum. (Bummage rocks).

I had lunch with my friend Jenny today and we talked Disney races pretty much the whole time. Eventually, I'd like to run Wine and Dine, Tower of Terror 10 mile, Tinkerbell Half, Disneyland Half, and WDW Marathon Weekend. So yeah, pretty much all of them. :D I can't wait until I have money, it will be ON!

Have a great night, dear readers! I am off for some more resting. (YES!) :0)

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