Saturday, July 14, 2012

Magic Mile #2

This morning, we had our group run of 8 miles. We started out the run by completing a magic mile, aka run as hard as you can, putting forth 95% of all you've got. We use this tool to predict our race pace and view our improvement throughout the season. My first magic mile was in mid May on the very first day of marathon training. It killed me and I was very slow. Here are stats:

Magic Mile #1-Mid May-13:41 pace
Magic Mile #2-Mid July-11:58 pace

I was pumped about an 11:58 magic mile! And I only put forth about 85% effort, I could have pushed harder but I didn't necessarily want to because we had 7 miles to go and I knew I would crash and burn if I did. So those numbers are a significant improvement and I'm happy.

I was pretty miserable the last 3 miles of the run, though. Those magic miles always kill me and I was feeling very sick, exhausted and defeated. I did fine and held up strong, but inside I was wanting to puke. On the way home, I was trying not to fall asleep in the car. And then I took a shower and slept for 2 hours. I'm still feeling sore and tired but at least I'm more rested.

So yeah, good times. Runs like these certainly make you appreciate the ones when you feel good.

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