Tuesday, July 10, 2012

*Denotes PR’s

Full Marathons
*2012 Dallas Marathon-6:56:18--15:45 pace
2011 White Rock Marathon-7:09:17--16:23 pace
2010 White Rock Marathon-7:13:18-- 16:32 pace

Half Marathons
*2011 Texas Half Marathon-3:03:57--14:03 pace
2011 Heels and Hills Half Marathon-3:05:08--14:08 pace
2012 Heels and Hills and Him Half Marathon-3:09:56--14:25 pace
2012 DRC Half Marathon-3:10:18--14:20 pace
2010 DRC Half Marathon-3:11:56--14:39 pace
2011 DRC Half Marathon-3:12:46--14:43 pace
2011 Cowtown Half Marathon-3:21:35--15:23 pace
2012 Hottest Half Marathon-3:26:55--15:48 pace
2010 Big D Half Marathon-3:31:53--16:10 pace
2011 Big D Half Marathon-3:40:53--16:52 pace
2011 Hottest Half Marathon-3:49:11-17:29 pace

*2013 Hot Chocolate 15K-2:08:07--13:42 pace
2011 Bold In The Cold 15K-2:11:44--14:10 pace
2010 Too Hot To Handle 15K-2:29:65--16:07 pace

*2011 Addison Hot Chocolate Run 10K-1:23:28--13:26 pace
2012 Hotcake Hustle 10K-1:33:30--15:03 pace

*2012 Dallas Miller 64 6.4K-57:31--14:23pace

*2010 Red Balloon 5K-53:10--16:36 pace
2011 St. Paddy's Day Dash Down Greenville 5K-54:29--17:32 pace
2013 FIREFLY 5K Pace????

Mini Marathons
*2013 Moo Cow Mini Marathon 2.62miles-39:45--15:10 pace

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